Sunrooms In Rhode Island

  Customer Testimonials


"We absolutely love the room. Sean and his crew did an amazing job, and it looks like it has been part of the house for 20 years."

Mansfield, MA
N. Herrick

"The room has become a sanctuary for me and my pets. We just love it!"

Warren, MA
E. MacDonald

"I cannot believe we were able to add 360 SF at an affordable price and get it done within a matter of weeks."

Greenland, NH
D. Patel

"We now have a beautiful view of the lake without having to deal with the bugs."

Winchendon, MA
D. Putnam

"Sean and his crews did a great job. Their communication was right on what they originally told us. My kids love their new play room."

Newtown, MA
S. Gopal

"We sat out in our new sunroom during Sandy (after the power went out, it was where the light was best) and it came through the storm perfectly. I was surprised to be sitting out there and not feeling the hint of a draft with those high winds all around us. I'm really happy with the new sunroom - it's my favorite room in the house!"

Mansfield, CT
Barbara V.